What’s New About UBC’s Positive Space Campaign?

May 2017

The UBC Positive Space Campaign, launched in 2002, is a well-recognized initiative across the Vancouver campus for many years now. Demand from the UBC community for the Positive Space educational sessions and resources remains high.

In 2014 in partnership with key stakeholders, the Equity & Inclusion Office, undertook a review of the delivery and design of the overall Positive Space Campaign at UBC was undertaken. Based on the recommendations from that report (hyperlink the report here) a number of changes to the structure of the UBC Positive Space campaign are underway.

In 2016, we reviewed and updated the curriculum and delivery of the foundational session, and developed a new Positive Space learning lab for a more advanced session.  Additionally, we have updated the list of Resource Persons affiliated with the Positive Space Campaign. Lastly, a key strategy in the Campaign is the visibility and availability of resources for our community members to demonstrate with pride their commitment to Positive Space at UBC, to this end, we introduced minor modifications to the logo, laptop stickers and newly designed Positive Space decals to be visibly displayed to proactively demonstrate spaces on campus are welcoming and inclusive of sexual and gender students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The outcome achieved through these changes is a strengthened and updated program based on best practices in higher education settings, with a strong connection to the lived experience of students, staff and faculty communities at UBC.