Message from AVP Equity & Inclusion

Message from Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, Acting Associate Vice President Equity and Inclusion

December 20th, 2013

The UBC Positive Space Campaign, launched in 2002, has been a well-recognized initiative across the Vancouver campus for many years now. Demand from the UBC community for the Positive Space training remains high and the list of Resource Persons affiliated with the Positive Space Campaign continues to grow.

To ensure continued success, in early 2014 the Equity and Inclusion Office will be reviewing the delivery and design of the Positive Space Campaign. The goal will be to strengthen and update the program based on best practices and ensure the program maintains a strong connection with members of the UBC community.

We hope to hear from students, staff and faculty who are involved in the program or who share a commitment to a “positive space” for the LGBTTQ community. To guide these efforts, a working group of UBC community members will be established. I am confident that the outcomes of this review will strengthen the UBC Positive Space Campaign as well as broaden efforts across campus to build equity and inclusion.