Resource Persons

Anyone displaying a Positive Space sticker plays a role in the campaign, as we increase the availability of resources, we also want to expand who is considered part of the campaign. In this way, the designation of Resource Person has been broadened and is now more accessible.

As a result the new Positive Space structure will:

  • Lower barriers to participation in the campaign.
  • Increase Positive Spaces at UBC through education (streamlined workshops, increased outreach).
  • Recognize the wide array of allyship, expertise, and lived experience in many of our UBC community through students, staff, faculty, and alumni.
  • Communicate through the Positive Space website, listserv and social media outlets. This will help to engage a broader network of UBC students, staff, and faculty with pertinent events and information related to sexual and gender diversity at UBC.

The Positive Space campaign is but one tool to realize UBC commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion. Whether you are renewing your commitment or just joining the campaign, you are invited to take up the Positive Space campaign where ever you are on campus.

Displaying the logo affirms the aims of the campaign. Your contributions may include:

  • Intentionally building a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive spaces in your working, living, and learning environments
  • Actively engage in a network(s) of support by being aware of campus resources and know where to refer people who want more assistance. See the updated resources page on the Positive Space website
  • Discuss, question and/or challenge microaggressions and overt acts of homophobia, transphobia and/or heterosexim in your working, living, and learning environments

If you have any questions, you can reach us at or drop by the Equity & Inclusion Office to pick up additional Positive Space stickers.