UBC Vancouver Resource Persons

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Below is the list of current Positive Space Resource Persons at the UBC Vancouver campus. To keep our list of resource persons as up to date as possible, please complete a brief update form whenever your contact information changes, if you leave UBC or if you decide to no longer be a resource person.

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Abelson Jason Kinesiology Student jasonbabelson@gmail.com
Abji Tamiza 604-875-4111 Evaluation Studies Unit Staff tamiza.abji@ubc.ca
Acevedo Joaquin Student j.joaquinacevedo@gmail.com
Adams Alishia AMS Student alishia.a@hotmail.com
Adams Waemi Counselling Services Student nadams@my.adler.edu
Adjei Jones School of Nursing Faculty jones.adjei@ubc.ca
Ahn Rei School of Kinesiology Student reiahn@gmail.com
Akkad Saif Science Student saif_akkad@hotmail.com
Albert Gillian AMS Speakeasy Student gillian.albert@gmail.com
Allen Meghan 604-822-4912 Computer Science Faculty meghana@cs.ubc.ca
Allyn Lisa 604-822-5092 UBC Farm Staff lisa.allyn@ubc.ca
Alport Jill Residence Life Student jillalport@gmail.com
Aluye Evan Arts Student aluyenea@gmail.com
Alvarez Grace 604-928-0337 Sexual Assault Support Center Staff gracealvarez99@gmail.com
Amanatidis Jonathan Student raephe@gmail.com
Andan Margret 604-822-3113 Music Staff margret.andan@ubc.ca
Andressen Bryna 604-822-5395 Counselling Services Staff bruce.anderson@ubc.ca
Andrews Morrell Collegia Student morrell.andrews@gmail.com
Anderson Bruce T 604-822-7596 Risk Management Services Staff bruce.anderson@ubc.ca
Anderson David Continuing Studies Student mr.d.r.anderson@gmail.com
Anderson Melanie 604-822-0440 Go Global: International Learning Programs Staff melanie.anderson@ubc.ca
Anderson Murray Counselling Services Student murray.anderson@gmail.com
Andrew James 604-875-4111 x68946 Faculty of Medicine Staff jrandrew@medd.med.ubc.ca
Ang Aaron Chemical and Biological Engineering Student
Antonenko Karina 604-822-3822 Journalism Staff karina.antonenko@ubc.ca
Arason Kelly Faculty of Medicine Staff karason@uvic.ca
Archibald Wynn 604-822-9171 Women’s and Gender Studies Staff wynn.archibald@ubc.ca
Arida Andrew 604-822-2890 Enrolment Services Staff andrew.arida@ubc.ca
Arrieta Angela 604-822-0254 M & I Staff arrieta@mail.ubc.ca
Ashwell Sheila 604-822-6919 UBC Arts Co-op Program Staff sheila.ashwell@ubc.ca
Assanand Sunaina 604-822-2851 Psychology Faculty assanand@psych.ubc.ca
Au Jenny 604-822-4012 Centre for Student Involvement & Careers Staff jenny.au@ubc.ca
Austin Jehannine 604-875-2000 x5943 Psychiatry and Medical Genetics Faculty jehannine.austin@ubc.ca
Avraham Chavah 604-827-5463 Arts Academic Advising Staff chavah.avraham@ubc.ca
Axelsson Tracey 604-822-4405 AMS Staff taxelsson@alumni.sfu.ca
Avina Michelle Student ana.michelle.avina@gmail.com
Aziz Rehana 604-822-7025 Pharmaceutical Sciences Staff rehana.aziz@ubc.ca
Azorin Maximilien Political Science Student/Staff maxazorin@free.fr
Bader Malikah Science Student malikah.bader@gmail.com
Baker Sophie Science Student sophie.baker@hotmail.com
Ball Laura School of Population and Public Health Student ball.laura.jane@gmail.com
Balza Paola Counselling Services Student pbalza76@hotmail.com
Baker Nikki 604-822-9836 Enrolment Services Staff nikki.baker@ubc.ca
Bancroft Mark Engineering Student bancrof.mark@gmail.com
Bartlett Karen 604-822-6019 School of Environmental Health Faculty karen.bartlett@ubc.ca
Basham Sarah History Student basham.sarah@gmail.com
Basso Taylor 604-822-6014 School of Population and Public Health Staff taylor.basso@ubc.ca
Bate Hilary Student hilary.bate@yahoo.ca
Bateman Rebecca 604-822-5725 Community and Regional Planning Staff rbelle@mail.ubc.ca
Bauer Janet UBC Recreation Intramurals Student/Staff janet.bauer95@gmail.com
Beales Graham 604-362-3671 Engineering Physics Student gbeales@gmail.com
Beaton Shane Civil Engineering Student shanebeaton@gmail.com
Beaumont Katherine 604-822-9613 Go Global: International Learning Programs Staff katherine.beaumont@ubc.ca
Becir Amy 604-822-6079 Political Science Staff amy.becir@ubc.ca
Belani Varun Residence Life Student/Staff belanivarun@gmail.com
Bell Margot 604-822-9818 Student Development Staff margot.bell@ubc.ca
Bella Brian 604-822-4556 Faculty of Graduate Studies Staff brian.bella@ubc.ca
Bellefleur Antonia Residence Life Student antonia@bellefleur.ca
Belliveau Kailer Arts Student kailer493@gmail.com
Benedet Janine 604-822-0637 Law Faculty benedet@law.ubc.ca
Bentley Ashley Sexual Assault Support Centre Staff ashley.bentley87@yahoo.com
Bereas Paul 604-822-9803 IS – UBC MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Staff paul.bereas@ubc.ca
Berezan Katie ResLife Student katiebe@interchange.ubc.ca
Bezant Charlotte (Bez) Arts Student aeycb2@nottingham.ac.uk
Bhide Sanika Electrical Engineering Student sanu.bhide@gmail.com
Bian Henry Student henryrbian@gmail.com
Black Jennifer 604-822-6869 Food, Nutrition, and Health Faculty j.black@ubc.ca
Blaeser Patrick 604-822-2158 Engineering Co-op Staff patrick.blaeser@ubc.ca
Bleackley Deborah 604-827-4371 Arts Academic Advising Services Staff dbleackl@exchange.ubc.ca
Bock Eric Safewalk Student ericblock10@gmail.com
Bohnen Steve 604-822-8274 Campus Security Staff steve.bohnen@ubc.ca
Boileau Alana Student alana.boileau@gmail.com
Boileau Sean 604-822-3730 Undergraduate Admissions Staff sean.boileau@ubc.ca
Bonamis Linda 604-822-8042 School of Environmental Health Staff bonamis@interchange.ubc.ca
Booth Jayne 604-827-4098 Human Resources Staff jayne.booth@ubc.ca
Borthwick Elaine 604-822-3848 Law Staff borthwick@law.ubc.ca
Bourrier Stefan Psychology Student scbourrier@psych.ubc.ca
Braam Lydia 604-827-2740 Forestry Staff lydia.braam@ubc.ca
Brand Kathy 604-822-7758 Student Health Services Staff kathy.brand@ubc.ca
Brazel Elyse School of Theology Student elyse.brazel@hotmail.com
Brimacombe Kristy Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Staff kristy.brimacombe@ubc.ca
Brjua Beenu Science Staff beenu_brjua@hotmail.com
Broderick Daniel SHHS Student/Staff d.broderick93@gmail.com
Brooks Mary EDST Faculty mmbrooks@shaw.ca
Brunner Lisa International House Staff lisa.brunner@ubc.ca
Buchanan Brittany Housing & Hospitality Services Student bitb007@comcast.net
Bunjun Benita 604-822-0232 RAGA Student benitab@interchange.ubc.ca
Bunting Katie Lee 604-822-7165 Dept OS & OT Faculty katie.leebunting@ubc.ca
Burley Heather Law Student heather.burley83@gmail.com
Burns Carolyn 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Staff carolyn.burns@ubc.ca
Burrows Tyson Student tyson_a_burrows@hotmail.com
Burrows Dylan History Student dylan.r.burrows@gmail.com
Burton Cayley Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Student cayleynburton@gmail.com
Cacchioni Kristin 604-822-8649 Faculty of Medicine Staff kristin.cacchioni@ubc.ca
Came Dan Engineering Physics Student dcame@interchange.ubc.ca
Cameron Kirsty VP Academic Student/Staff kirsty.cameron@ubc.ca
Camp Victoria Student Housing & Hospitality Services Student campvic@gmail.com
Campbell Ann 604-827-4933 UBC Sustainability Initiative Staff ann.campbell@ubc.ca
Campbell Nancy 604-827-4257 Arts Advising Staff nancyca@exchange.ubc.ca
Canedo Alejandro Engineering Student canedoalejandro@gmail.com
Cappellacci Ben AMS VP Academic Student ben.cappellacci@gmail.com
Carag Jeremiah Student Housing and Hospitality Services Student jeremiahcarag@yahoo.com
Carley Gordon Student gordie_carley@hotmail.com
Carson Anna School of Population and Public Health Staff anna.carson@ubc.ca
Carter Paul 604-822-4034 Computer Science Faculty pcarter@cs.ubc.ca
Cashin Lindsay 604-822-9937 Civil Engineering Staff lacashin@mail.ubc.ca
Cashore Theresa Science Student tcashore@hotmail.com
Cayley Mair Counselling Psychology Student mair.cayley@gmail.com
Cey Rob 604-822-9260 Counselling Services Staff rcey@telus.net
Chan Collyn AMS Student collynschan@gmail.com
Chan Judy C.K. 604-822-5811 Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology Staff/Faculty judy.chan@ubc.ca
Chan Nicole Student nicole.chan@live.ca
Chang Laurie Student lauriej.chang@gmail.com
Chapman Gwen 604-822-6874 Food, Nutrition and Health Faculty gwen.chapman@ubc.ca
Chase Gina Education Student ginachase@hotmail.com
Chase Kirsty 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Student kchase@my.adler.edu
Chau Kevin Science Student kevinjameschau@gmail.com
Chauhan Stephanie Student sec@alumni.ubc.ca
Chen Allen Asian Studies and History Student allenckchen@gmail.com
Chen Anna Oak Senior Collegia Advisor Student anna_e_chen@hotmail.com
Chen Devin Sociology Student d3vmusic@gmail.com
Chen Jenny Student jennychen181818@hotmail.com
Chen Scott Pharmacy Student toscottc@gmail.com
Cheng Joey 604-822-6077 Centre for Student Involvement Staff joey.cheng@ubc.ca
Cheng Shannon School of Library, Archives, and Information Student shannonccheng@gmail.com
Cheng Zarah Student
Chiang Chao-Mei 604-822-4371 Counseling Services Staff chao-mei.chiang@ubc.ca
Chicoine Ana 604-822-6556 School of Music, Engineering Staff ana.chicoine@ubc.ca
Chin Shareen 604-822-1307 Go Global Staff shareen.chin@ubc.ca
Cho Haena 604-822-6271 UBC Engineering Coop Staff haena.cho@ubc.ca
Chohan Rishi English/History Student rishi.h.chohan@gmail.com
Choi Lydia Commerce Student lydiachoi@gmail.com
Chouinard Mabelle Jacqueline Residence Life Student jacqueline.chouinard@gmail.com
Chong Jone Science Student lurnjc@hotmail.com
Chow June 604-822-9213 Faculty of Arts – Dean’s Office Staff june.chow@ubc.ca
Chung Joanne 604-822-6449 Graduate Law Program Staff jchung@law.ubc.ca
Chu Tung Jennifer 604-822-7011 Student Health Service Staff jchutung@gmail.com
Cigagna Taryn Learning Exchange Staff taryn12@yahoo.com
Cole Alexandra Residence Life Student/Staff alexandracole28@shaw.ca
Coleman Katharina Political Science Faculty katherina.coleman@ubc.ca
Condon Anne 604-822-8175 Computer Science Faculty condon@cs.ubc.ca
Conklin Timothy 604-822-4392 Arts Academic Advising Services Staff timothy.conklin@ubc.ca
Constanda Milena 604-822-9176 Computer Science Staff milenac@cs.ubc.ca
Cook Christopher Pharmaceutical Sciences Student christopher.o.cook@gmail.com
Cook Dianne 604-822-0668 Computer Science Staff dianne.cook@ubc.ca
Cooke Victoria Aboriginal Student Affairs in Arts Advising Student and Staff arts.aboriginal@ubc.ca
Corneil Trevor Faculty of Medicine Faculty trevor.corneil@ubc.ca
Costrut Ileana 604-827-2740 Faculty of Forestry Staff ileana.costrut@ubc.ca
Couch Brett 604-822-9650 Botany Faculty bcouch@mail.ubc.ca
Courneya Carol-Ann 604-822-8245 Faculty of Medicine Faculty courneya@mail.ubc.ca
Court Eve 604-827-0083 International Student Development Staff eve.court@ubc.ca
Cowin Louise 604-822-5075 Office of the Vice-President, Students Staff louise.cowin@ubc.ca
Coyle Megan 604-822-4780 Law Staff coyle@law.ubc.ca
Cox Susan 604-822-0536 SPPH Faculty susan.cox@ubc.ca
Crasta Jude Cognitive Systems & AMS Student vpexternal@ams.ubc.ca
Crothers Jen 604-827-3745 UBC Sustainability Initiative Staff jen.crothers@ubc.ca
Cuellar Karla 604-822-0428 Arts Advising Staff karla.cuellar@ubc.ca
Curtis Kate Linguistics/Psychology Student katieemcurits@gmail.com
Cyr Pamela 604-827-3604 Law Staff cyr@law.ubc.ca
Czekajlo Caroline 604-822-4994 School of Population and Public Health Staff caroline.czekajlo@ubc.ca
Dabla Ritu 604-822-9286 Access and Diversity Staff ritu.dabla@ubc.ca
Dale Laura School of Population and Public Health Student lauramdale1@gmail.com
Daltrop Sarah 604-822-1257 School of Population and Public Health Staff sarah.daltrop@ubc.ca
Danbrook Karli Student karlimdanbrook@gmail.com
Dang Silvain Speakeasy Student silvain.dang@gmail.com
Danielson Lisa Speakeasy Student lisa_danielson@hotmail.com
Darcy Laura Student/Staff laura.darcy@ubc.ca
Da Silva Carla 604-822-1441 Classroom Services Staff carla.dasilva@ubc.ca
Dasanjh Navi Student navi.dasanjh@gmail.com
Daum Robert 604-827-4742 Vancouver School of Theology Faculty robertd@vst.edu
Davies Brittany Place Vanier Student b_davies88@hotmail.com
Davies Kion CNPS Med Staff/Student kiondavies@gmail.com
Dawson Jennifer Computer Science Faculty jqdawson@cs.ubc.ca
Dawson Luke 604-827-0144 Enrolment Services Staff luke.dawson@ubc.ca
Dawson Laurie 604-822-6114 Access & Diversity Staff laurie.dawson@ubc.ca
Deacon Paras 604-822-6353 Equity Office Staff paras.deacon@ubc.ca
De Baere Bart 604-822-3041 Earth & Ocean Sciences Student bdebaere@gmail.com
Decaire Arlene 604-822-1451 Workplace Health Services Staff arlene.decaire@ubc.ca
D’Entremont Agnes 604-827-1960 Mechanical Engineering Faculty agnes.dentremont@mech.ubc.ca
Defreitas Natalie 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Staff ndefreitas@my.adler.edu
dela Rosa Angeli UBC – Community Learning Initiative Staff angeli.dela.rosa@ubc.ca
Delong Deborah Faculty of Forestry Faculty deborah.delong@ubc.ca
Deoliveina-Gasparini Luisa Residence Life Student luisa.dgasparini@gmail.com
De Vita Sarah 604-822-5803 Human Resources Staff sarah.devita@ubc.ca
Dharamsi Shafik 604-827-4397 Family Practice, Medicine Faculty shafik.dharamsi@familymed.ubc.ca
Dharmaratne Bryn 604-822-4340 Art History, Visual Art and Theory Staff bryn.dharmaratne@ubc.ca
Dich Ly 604-822-5507 Undergraduate Admissions Staff ly.dich@ubc.ca
Dickson Cole Commerce Student cole.dickson@live.ca
Dixon Joy 604-822-5748 History/Critical Studies in Sexuality Faculty joydixon@interchange.ubc.ca
Dobson Sarah 604-822-7498 School of Nursing Staff sarah.dobson@ubc.ca
Doherty Sara 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Staff sara.doherty@ubc.ca
Dolic Ines 604-822-4340 Art History, Visual Art, and Theory Staff ines.dolic@ubc.ca
Donnelly Christina 604-822-3094 Athletics Staff christina.donnelly@ubc.ca
Douglas Conor 604-822-8959 Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty conor.douglas@ubc.ca
Doull Marion 604-827-5064 School of Population and Public Health Staff marion.doull@ubc.ca
Dougal Margareta AMS Student margaretadougal@gmail.com
Dow Michelle Science Student md1125@interchange.ubc.ca
Driscoll Krista Student kristadriscoll@hotmail.com
Drenska Elenora Animal Care Staff elenora.drenska@ubc.ca
Drewlo Margaret 604-822-3811 UBC Counselling Services Staff mdrewlo@mail.ubc.ca
Drohan Campbell Res Life Student campbell.drohan@hotmail.com
D’Souza Sheila 604-827-3726 Sauder School of Business Staff sheila.dsouza@sauder.ubc.ca
Ducak Marie Speakeasy Student marieducak@yahoo.ca
Duguay Matthew 604-822-9084 AMS Tutoring Staff mjduguay@gmail.com
Du Guay Lizzy Residence Life Staff lizzy.duguay@gmail.com
Duke Chantal 604-822-2075 Human Resources Staff chantal.duke@ubc.ca
Durrant Brittany 604-822-6523 Law Student brittany.durrant@gmail.com
Eagle Claire Student claire.eagle@gmail.com
Ebertt Ray 604-822-5021 International House Staff ray.ebertt@ubc.ca
Egan John 604-827-5303 Office of Learning Technology Staff john.egan@ubc.ca
Egersdorfer Davor Curriculum and Pedagogy Student davoreggy@gmail.com
Eid Gloria 604-822-2960 Centre for Student Involvement & Careers Staff gloria.eid@ubc.ca
Elchuk Ashley Enrolment Services Staff ashley.elchuk@ubc.ca
Elder Kristen 604-822-5239 Senate and Curriculum Services – Enrolment Services Staff kristen.elder@ubc.ca
Elez Tanya 604-822-5239 Counselling Services Staff tatjana.elez@ubc.ca
Elliott Joanne 604.827.5323 Staff joanne.elliott@ubc.ca
Ellison Emma AMS Equity & Diversity Office Staff emma.ellison@gmail.com
Eng Ryan Speakeasy Student ryance@interchange.ubc.ca
English Allan 604-822-1471 Continuing Studies Staff allan.english@ubc.ca
Enslow Chelsea Earth and Ocean Sciences Student chelsea.enslow@gmail.com
Fang Sunnie School of Social Work Student fangsunnie@hotmail.com
Farmer Carsen Speakeasy Student gqswitch@gmail.com
Fash Laura SHHS Student/Staff fash.21@rogers.com
Fast Anita 604-822-9563 Vancouver School of Theology Staff registrar@vst.edu
Fay Nikta Zoology Student fay.nikta@gmail.com
Faye Laurelene Master of Public Policy and GLobal Affairs Student laurelene.f@gmail.com
Fazio Hanna Psychology Student hfazio74@gmail.com
Feeley Mike 604-822-8179 Computer Science Faculty feeley@cs.ubc.ca
Fensome Joanna Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Student jlfensome@gmaill.com
Feresten Abigail Neuroscience Graduate Studies Student aelhf@yahoo.com
Ferguson Denis Simon Applied Science Student dsferguson31@hotmail.com
Ferguson Janel Psychology Student/Sessional janelf@psyc.ubc.ca
Fernandes Avama Student avama@telus.net
Fernandez Darran 604-827-3293 Alumni Affairs Staff darran.fernandez@ubc.ca
Fisher Gar 604-822-4370 Physics and Astronomy Staff gar@phas.ubc.ca
Fisher Jonathan Educational Studies Student jonathanbfisher@gmail.com
Fisher Kate MAIIS Student fisher.kate.m@gmail.com
Fister Dana 604-822-2225 Faculty of Law Staff dana.fister@ubc.ca
Fitzgerald Barb OSA/Pediatrics Faculty bfitzgerald@cw.bc.ca
Fitzpatrick Brenda Graduate Student Society Advocacy Office Student bfitzp@interchange.ubc.ca
Flewing Kele 604-822-9287 CTLT Staff kele.flewing@ubc.ca
Flood Karen 604-822-3811 Counseling Services Staff karenflood@ubc.ca
Fong Jennifer Faculty of Medicine Staff jennifer.fong@ubc.ca
Foo Kuan 604-822-2223 Access & Diversity Staff kuan.foo@ubc.ca
Fowles Autumn 604-822-4411 Student Housing and Hospitality Services Staff autumn.fowles@ubc.ca
Fox Joanna 604-827-0339 UBC Vantage College Faculty joanne.fox@ubc.ca
Frackman Kyle 604-822-5118 Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies Faculty kyle.frackman@ubc.ca
Fraser Marni 604-822-8324 UBC Robson Square Staff marni.fraser@ubc.ca
Frender Jesse Educational and Counselling Psychology Student jessefrender@gmail.com
Friderichs Geoff School of Human Kinetics Student geofffri@interchange.ubc.ca
Friedman Melanie Geering Up, Engineering Staff melfri@yahoo.com
Friedman Stacy 604-822-4842 Curriculum and Pedagogy Staff ycats77@yahoo.com
Frisque Jenica 250-807-9291 Equity and Inclusion Office (UBC Okanagan) Staff jenica.frisque@ubc.ca
Frohard-Dourlent Helene Sociology & Anthropology Student helenefd@gmail.com
Frost Heather 604.822.0215 Faculty of Education Staff heather.frost@ubc.ca
Fung Cally Student cfung93@gmail.com
Fuss Gillian Forestry Student gillian.fuss@hotmail.com
Gacoin Andree 604-802-6608 Public Health Staff andree.gacoin@ubc.ca
Gagnon Jennifer M. Political Science Faculty gagnon13@mail.ubc.ca
Galbraith Bev Staff Finders Staff beverley_galbraith@ubc.ca
Gallego William Electrical and Computer Engineering Student williamgallego4@gmail.com
Galvão Jimi 604-827-3309 Pharmaceutical Sciences Staff jimi.galvao@ubc.ca
Gancena Arbee Residence Life Student arbeegan@gmail.com
Gelmon Michael Student Counselling Services Staff michael.gelmon@ubc.ca
Gergel Sarah 604-827-5163 Forest and Conservation Sciences Faculty sarah.gergel@ubc.ca
Germain Ricquelle School of Social Work Student ricquellegermain@gmail.com
Giannopoulos Niki Faculty of Medicine Staff niki.giannopoulos@ubc.ca
Gilby Charlotte Residence Life Student lottiegilby@hotmail.co.uk
Gill David School of Library, Archival and Information Studies Student thepatriotdragon@gmail.com
Gill Jagjeet 604-822-0952 Access & Diversity Staff jagjeet@ubc.ca
Gill Paul 604-822-0994 Risk Management Services Staff paul.gill@ubc.ca
Gillard Kevin 604-822-3048 Geographic Info Centre Library Staff gillard@geog.ubc.ca
Gilpin Cassie Sauder, Undergrad Office Staff cassie.gilpin@ubc.ca
Glassman Rachel Student rachel.glassman3@gmail.com
Glen Andrea Law Student/Staff a.glen@alumni.ubc.ca
Glum Rebekah Engineering Student/RA r.u.glum@hotmail.com
Go Sharon 604-822-4205 Human Resources Staff/RA sharon.go@ubc.ca
Gofton Lucy 604-822-3811 UBC Counselling Services Staff gofton@interchange.ubc.ca
Golvin Sash Psychology Student sashagolvin@gmail.com
Gomez-Ramirez Oralia Anthropology Student oraliagr@interchange.ubc.ca
Goodison Susanne 604-827-5465 Arts Advising Staff susanne.goodison@ubc.ca
Goodman Lani Sociology Student soccerdog918@aol.com
Gomez Olivia 604-822-8940 First Nations House of Learning Staff fnhl.clerk@ubc.ca
Gormley Pia 604.822.5507 Undergrad Admissions Staff pia.gormley@ubc.ca
Goshko Caylee-Britt Arts Student cbgoshko@gmail.com
Grace Erin Equity and Inclusion Office Student eringrace86@gmail.com
Grafton Kathryn 604-822-5658 English Faculty grafton@interchange.ubc.ca
Graham Rayne 604-827-5502 School of Music Staff music.advisor@ubc.ca
Grant Teri 604-827-4811 Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Staff teri.grant@ubc.ca
Greenfield Mollie Safewalk Student mollie.greenfield@hotmail.com
Green Sheldon Mechanical Engineering Faculty sheldon.green@ubc.ca
Greer Kerry Sociology Faculty kerry.greer@ubc.ca
Greif Shakaed Arts Student shakaed@gmail.com
Grevstad Gillian 604-822-6077 Student Development Staff gillian.grevstad@ubc.ca
Grewal Gurveen 604-875-4111
ext. 21523
UBC Continuing and Professional Development Staff gurveen.g@ubc.ca
Grimaldi Jesse 604-822-8422 Robert H. Lee Graduate School, Sauder School of Business Staff jesse.grimaldi@sauder.ubc.ca
Gring Heather School of Library, Archival & Information Studies Student hgring@gmail.com
Groom Melanie 604-822-1229 Human Resources-Work-Life and Relocation Services Staff melanie.groom@ubc.ca
Grüter-Andrew Jacky UBC Counselling Services Staff jacky.gruter-andrew@ubc.ca
Grydziuszko Patrick 604-822-8374 Student Housing and Hospitality Services Staff patrick.grydziuszko@ubc.ca
Gumbe Asande Engineering Student raelasandegumbe@gmail.com
Gunadasa Pavani 604-822-9949 AMS Services Staff pavanidg@gmail.com
Guye Samantha Land and Food Systems Student sguye7@aol.com
Haddock Tach Bonn Haddock Psychology Student tachhaddock@psych.ubc.ca
Hagerman Shannon 604-827-2375 Forest Resources Management Faculty shan.hagerman@ubc.ca
Haier Elana Haida House Student elana_h@hotmail.com
Hakkaart Krystal Student khakkaart@gmail.com
Halbert Helen School of Library, Archival & Information Studies Student helenhalbert@gmail.com
Hall Nick Asian Studies Student njhall@alumni.ubc.ca
Harris Torry Student Housing and Hospitality Services Student/Staff torry.harris@ubc.ca
Harper Leonie Faculty of Medicine Staff leonie.harper@ubc.ca
Harper Rose 604-822-3430 Faculty of Arts – Arts One Staff arts.one@ubc.ca
Harvag Hedda Access & Diversity Staff hakvag@alumni.ubc.ca
Hall Lara 604-822-0557 Computer Science Staff larahall@cs.ubc.ca
Hall Nick 604-822-0019 Asian Studies Faculty nick.hall@ubc.ca
Hallisey Kathryn 604-822-0904 Student Financial Aid and Awards Staff kathryn.hallisey@ubc.ca
Halum Tamara Biology Student tamarahalum@hotmail.com
Hambler Patty 604-822-6236 Student Health Service Staff patty.hambler@ubc.ca
Hamill Karen 604-822-3511 Counselling Services Staff karen.hamill@ubc.ca
Hamilton Jennifer 604-822-2020 Geography Staff jennifer.hamilton@ubc.ca
Han Andrea 604-827-3912 Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology Staff andrea.han@ubc.ca
Handy ErinRose 604-822-2049 Education, Dean’s Office Staff erinrose.handy@ubc.ca
Harlow Francesca 604-822-5734 Asian Studies Faculty fharlow@interchange.ubc.ca
Harris Christine 604-822-5924 Development Office Land and Food Systems Staff christine.harris@ubc.ca
Harris-Marcadier Jacinta 604-827-1594 Faculty of Education – Dean’s Office Staff jacinta.harris-marcadier@ubc.ca
Harrison Fran 604-822-9616 School of Kinesiology Staff fran.harrison@ubc.ca
Hart D’Emilio Diana 604-822-4647 Art History Staff diana.hart@ubc.ca
Harvey Daniel 604-822-2687 Payment and Procurement Services Staff daniel.harvey@ubc.ca
Harvie Debbie 604-822-5814 Bookstore Staff dharvie@interchange.ubc.ca
Hategekimana Celestin SPPH Student celekimana@gmail.com
Hay Stephen History Student stephen.hay@alumni.ubc.ca
Hayden Mary 604-822-0078 Provost Office Staff mary.hayden@ubc.ca
Hazlett Lisa 604-786-0044 Faculty of Medicine, Evaluation Studies Unit Staff lisa.hazlett@ubc.ca
Hebert Kaycie 604-827-0140 Enrollment Services Staff kaycie.hebert@ubc.ca
Helsley Beth 604-822-1677 CSI&C Staff beth.helsley@ubc.ca
Henderson Sarah Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Faculty sarah.j.henderson@ubc.ca
Hendricks Christina Philosophy Faculty c.hendricks@ubc.ca
Henry Alynne 604-822-2643 Engineering Co-op program Staff alynne.henry@ubc.ca
Hereld Shoshana Student sj.roses@gmail.com
Hill Erica 604-822-8681 Sauder Staff erica.hill@sauder.ubc.ca
Hilliker Jeremy Computer Science Student jthillik@gmail.com
Hinton Joyce 604-822-8195 Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Staff joyce.hinton@ubc.ca
Hirani Saker N. 604-822-3992 Law Staff hirani@law.ubc.ca
Hirschberger Erica 604-822-9546 Faculty of Graduate Studies Staff erica.hirschberger@ubc.ca
Hirsche Kailee UBC Farm Staff kailee.hirsche@ubc.ca
Ho Ivan 604-339-5224 Residence Life Staff ivan.ho@ub.ca
Ho Justin 604-822-6401 UBC-Community Learning Initiative Staff justin.ho@ubc.ca
Hodge Julie Psychology Staff juhodge@gmail.com
Hodson Victoria 604-822-5092 Land and Food Systems Staff victoria.hodson@ubc.ca
Hoffmann Taylor Student hoffmann16@hotmail.com
Hoflin Andrea SHHS Student/Staff ahoflin@gmail.com
Holaday Michael 604-827-4812 International Student Development Staff michael.holaday@ubc.ca
Holliday Ryan 604-822-6172 Access and Diversity Staff ryan.holliday@ubc.ca
Hollis Karen 604-828-8797 University Hill Congregation/VST Staff – Campus Minister ubccampusminister@gmail.com
House Nick Pharmacy Student nicholashouse3@gmail.com
Hong Ahnes 604-827-3582 International Student Recruitment Staff ahnes.hong@ubc.ca
Hong Kris (Yukai) Pride Student kris.hong@hotmail.com
Hong Sharon AMS Student 2shar.h@gmail.com
Hoover Stu ECPS Student shoover@shaw.ca
Hopkins Sara Law Student hopkins.sara@gmail.com
Hoskins Eleanor Residence Life Student eleanorhoskins@gmail.com
Hossack Etienne 604-880-5421 Bike Kitchen – SUB Alumni ehossack@alumni.ubc.ca
Hsu Wei-Chiao Student bridge330@gmail.com
Hu Geoffrey Lau Kwan Land and Food Systems Student d_kap_cris@yahoo.ca
Hu Steffi 604-822-8425 Sauder School of Business Staff steffi.hu@sauder.ubc.ca
Huang Leanne Student leanne.huang@alumni.ubc.ca
Hunter Carrie Department of Educational Studies Student cphunter@interchange.ubc.ca
Hunter Joanna 604-822-2558 Undergraduate Admissions Staff joanna.hunter@ubc.ca
Hutchinson Dara English Student darahutchinson@hotmail.com
Hyson Chad 604-827-3507 Office of the VP Students Staff chad.hyson@ubc.ca
Ichikawa Jonathan Jenkins 604-822-9637 Philosophy Faculty jonathan.ichikawa@ubc.ca
Ikegami Lee Yuko 604-827-2014 Science Staff lee@science.ubc.ca
Imbeau Eden Student eimbeau@hotmail.com
Imhiran Kath 604-822-6281 Computer Science Staff kimhiran@cs.ubc.ca
Inoue Rebeka 604-822-8977 Engineering Co-op Staff rebeka.inoue@ubc.ca
Israel Camille Law Student camille.israel@gmail.com
Ivits Shantel Education Student sivits@interchange.ubc.ca
Jackman Abby Speakeasy Student abigailjackman@gmail.com
Jackson Andrew AMS Student ajackson@interchange.ubc.ca
Jagpal Kiran həm’ləsəm’-Totem Park Student kirankjagpal@gmail.com
Jandl Samantha SHHS Student aye.calypso@hotmail.com
Jansen Anna Myers Linguistics Student bananamj@gmail.com
Janson Mara Physics/Astronomy Student mara.fjanson@gmail.com
Janzen Wade 604-827-5147 Community Centre for Engaged Learning Staff wade.janzen@ubc.ca
Jay Alan 604-822-2671 Cell Development Biology Staff alan.jay@ubc.ca
Jefferess David 604-827-9359 Critical Studies – UBCO Faculty david.jefferess@ubc.ca
Jeffery Coralie 604-822-0427 Housing & Conferences Staff coralie.jeffery@gmail.com
Jelsma Benjamin Student ben@penajelsma.com
Jenkins Carrie 604-827-5321 Philosophy Faculty carrie.jenkins@ubc.ca
Andrea Jerome 604-822-3333 UBC Robson Square Front Desk Staff andrea.jerome@ubc.ca
Jessa Ali Reza Geography Student ali.jessa@gmail.com
Jessee Erin Liu Institute for Global Issues Faculty erin.jesse@ubc.ca
Jhawar Harleen Counselling Services Student harlzzz@gmail.com
Johnson Camille 604-822-8307 Enrolment Services Staff camille.johnson@ubc.ca
Johnson Diane 604-827-3258 Computer Science Staff dianejoh@cs.ubc.ca
Johnson Kayli Chemistry Faculty kjohnson@chem.ubc.ca
Johnson Janice 604-822-6834 Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology Staff janice.johnson@ubc.ca
Jolly Suzanne 604-827-3872 UBC Recreation Staff suzanne.jolly@ubc.ca
Jones Amanda Faculty of Medicine Staff amanda.jones@ubc.ca
Joosse Sarah Student Development and Services Staff sarah.joosse@ubc.ca
Jordon Sharalyn Counselling Psychology Staff srjordan@interchange.ubc.ca
Joseph Graeme 604-822-8840 Enrolment Services Staff graeme.joseph@ubc.ca
Joyce Roxanne Centre for Student Involvement and careers Staff roxanne.joyce@ubc.ca
Jubilo Anna 604-822-4223 Arts Co-op Program Staff anna.jubilo@ubc.ca
Jung Diana 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Staff diana.jung@ubc.ca
Kabugo Ashley Arts Student ashleykabugo14@gmail.com
Kaiser-Chen Aaron Student bear9256@gmail.com
Kam Vanessa 604-827-3549 UBC Library, Music, Art, and Architecture Faculty vanessa.kam@ubc.ca
Karamouzian Mohammad SPPH Student karamouzian.m@gmail.com
Karaush Olena Speakeasy Student the_rushin_russian@hotmail.com
Kassan Anusha 604-822-2028 CNPS Faculty akassan@mail.ubc.ca
Kazerooni Mo Speakeasy Student mjkazerooni@gmail.com
Kearns Leanne 604-822-8447 Sauder School of Business Staff leanne.kearns@sauder.ubc.ca
Keay Aimée English Student keayaimee@gmail.com
Kellett Janna 604-827-3082 Forestry Staff janna.kellett@ubc.ca
Kelley Paul 604-827-5667 Chemistry Faculty pkelley@chem.ubc.ca
Kemple Tom 604-822-3579 Anthropology & Sociology Faculty kemple@interchange.ubc.ca
Keshmiri Yasmin International Relations/Arts Student yasiksh990@gmail.com
Kettler Amanda Arts Student amandakettler@hotmail.com
Khan Saman Speakeasy Student samankh@interchange.ubc.ca
Khoo Gaik Beng 604-822-6361 Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Staff beng.khoo@ubc.ca
Kiloh Kim 604-827-3569 Student Development Staff kim.kiloh@ubc.ca
Kim Hyoshin 604-822-0236 Continuing Studies Staff hyoshin.kim@ubc.ca
King David 604-822-1928 psychology Student dbking11@psych.ubc.ca
King Liz 604-827-5084 Alumni Affairs Staff liz.king@ubc.ca
Kingston Caroline 604-827-2102 Faculty of Science (Advising) Staff kingston@science.ubc.ca
Kinloch Kate 604-822-7011 Student Health Staff kate.kinloch@ubc.ca
Kirby Will Student willkirby1996@gmail.com
Klemic Emily 604-827-1872 Human Resources Staff emily.klemic@ubc.ca
Kline Avital Student avital@gmail.com
Knight Rod 604-827-4568 School of Population and Public Health Staff rod.knight@ubc.ca
Knitter Sarah 604-822-4941 Access & Diversity Staff sarah.knitter@ubc.ca
Knox Molly Access & Diversity Student molly.knox@ubc.ca
Kobari Mehrnaz 604-822-0440 Go Global Staff mehrnaz.kobari@ubc.ca
Kobayashi Ashley Collegia Student a.mkobayashi@hotmail.com
Kobylka Joel 604-822-0622 Classroom Services, Enrolment Services Staff joel.kobylka@ubc.ca
Koch Chris External, Legal & Community Relations Staff chris.koch@ubc.ca
Koehn Alyssa Residence Life Student alyssakoehn@gmail.com
Kohos Erica Psychology Student academic.psa@gmail.com
Kola Swetha Sauder School of Business Student ssw.kola@gmail.com
Koizumi Keiko 604-822-8495 Asian Studies Faculty keiko.koizumi@ubc.ca
Kong Olivia 604-822-1202 Computer Science Staff okong@cs.ubc.ca
Konijnendijk Cecil 604-827-0191 Forestry Faculty cecil.konijnendijk@ubc.ca
Konyk Katy Speakeasy Student kdkonyk@hotmail.com
Kosh Gayle 604-827-4454 Faculty of Forestry – Dean’s Office Staff gayle.kosh@ubc.ca
Kouwenberg Hans 604-822-9807 School of Theology Faculty hanskouwenberg@vst.edu
Kozak Robert 604-822-2402 Faculty of Forestry – Dean’s Office Faculty rob.kozak@ubc.ca
Kraus Connie 604-822-8889 Office of Learning Technology Staff connie.kraus@ubc.ca
Kumar Uma 604-827-5590 CENES Faculty uma.kumar@ubc.ca
Kwan Jasmine Student jaskwan97@gmail.com
Laflamme Patrick Psychology Student patrick.laflamme@psych.ubc.ca
Lai Jacky 604-822-8208 Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Staff jacky.lai@ubc.ca
Lai Stephanie Student Housing & Hospitality Services Student steffylai@hotmail.com
Lai Trisha 604-822-0899 International Student Initiative Staff trisha.lai@ubc.ca
Lam Fidelia Student fideliaolam@gmail.com
Lam Mimi 604-827-3455 Library Digital Initiatives Faculty mimi.lam@ubc.ca
Lam Vivian Speakeasy Student vivianwlam@hotmail.com
Lamb Thomas Computer Science Student lambyte@lambyte.com
Lampe Stewart 604-827-5725 International Student Initiative Staff stewart.lampe@ubc.ca
Larochelle Natalie Arts Student natalierlarochelle@gmail.com
Lau Andrea 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Student drealau@gmail.com
Lavallee Suzie 604-822-4987 Forest and Conservation Sciences Faculty suzie.lavalee@ubc.ca
Lavenir Gabrielle Arts Student mglavenir@gmail.com
Lawrence Suzanne 604-822-9178 Geography Staff suzanne.lawrence@geog.ubc.ca
Le Tu Phuong Speakeasy Student opencogni@gmail.com
Leavitt Brian 604-827-5469 Arts Academic Advising Staff brian.leavitt@ubc.ca
Leander Celeste 604-827-5608 Botany/Zoology Faculty cleander@interchange.ubc.ca
Lee Charles charles.lee@sauder.ubc.ca
Lee Emmet Sauder Student eslee401@gmail.com
Lee Paul UBC Programme Resource Centre Student swpaullee@gmail.com
Lester-Smith Donna 604-822-8068 Equity and Inclusion Office Staff donna.lester-smith@ubc.ca
Leathley Margaret 604-822-8119 Human Resources – Pension Office Staff margaret.leathley@ubc.ca
Lee Chris 604-822-8864 Botany Student LChris@interchange.ubc.ca
Lee Donna Kinesiology Student leedonna@interchange.ubc.ca
Lee Newvick Pharmacy Student nvlee15@gmail.com
Leeder James 604-822-5021 International student Development Staff james.leeder@ubc.ca
Lehmann Crysta Totem Park South Residence Advisor Student lehmanncrysta@gmail.com
Lekich Jolanta 604-827-4771 International Student Development Staff jolanta.lekich@ubc.ca
Lenters Kelsey 604-822-0604 RezLife Staff kelsey.lenters@ubc.ca
Leonce Ivan Pride UBC Student ivanleonce@gmail.com
Leta Emese Residence Life Staff emeseleta@hotmail.com
Levangie Daniel 604-822-4405 AMS Services/Governance Staff daniellevangie@ams.ubc.ca
Lew Janey CTLT or Buchanan E CFNIS Staff/Faculty janey.lew@ubc.ca
Lewchuk Danielle Law Student daniellelewchuk@gmail.com
Lewis Hannah 604-822-5092 Land & Food Systems Staff hannah.lewis@ubc.ca
Leyton-Brown Kevin 604-822-1453 Computer Science Faculty kevinlb@cs.ubc.ca
Li Amanda Civil Engineering Student amanda.crystal.li@gmail.com
Li Savannah Go Global Student savannah.li@ubc.ca
Lillico-Ouachour Krystal Student klillico-ouachour@hotmail.com
Lin Alexander 604-827-3173 MBA Office Staff alexander.lin@sauder.ubc.ca
Lindsay Spencer CITR Student Executive Student spencerjlindsay@gmail.com
Ling Ryan Faculty of Medicine Staff ryan.ling@mail.com
Little Christie Faculty of Education Student christielittle@gmail.com
Liu Jessica Student jessicaliujiexin@gmail.com
Liu Xi Student sissiliuxi@gmail.com
Lively James Commerce Student jamielively@shaw.ca
Lloyd-Smith Rob 604-822-7011 Health Services Staff rob.lloyd-smith@ubc.ca
Lo Jonathan Student jonlo4301@gmail.com
Lo Kin 604-822-8430 Sauder School of Business Faculty kin.lo@sauder.ubc.ca
Lockyer-Cotter Laura Human Resources Staff laura.lockyer-cotter@ubc.ca
Lohse Keith Kinesiology Faculty lohse@mail.ubc.ca
Loignon-Beaudoin Jolianne Arts Student/staff joliannelb@hotmail.com
Longard Wil SHHS Student/Staff wlongard@hotmail.com
Longhi Chiara 604-822-9187 Faculty of Forestry Staff chiara.longhi@ubc.ca
Longpre Simone 604-822-4794 Kinesiology – Co-op Staff simone.longpre@ubc.ca
Loes Gina Speakeasy Student ginaraeloes@yahoo.com
Longhurst Andrew 604-822-6868 AMS New SUB Project Staff longhurst.andy@gmail.com
Lorenz Logan 604-827-2702 Go Global Staff logan.lorenz@ubc.ca
Lotonmongkol Bell Alumna donlaya.l@gmail.com
Lougheed Paige Residence Student snowyowl95@hotmail.com
Louie Emma Residence Student emmaelouie@gmail.com
Love Jennifer 604-822-3187 Chemistry Faculty jenlove@chem.ubc.ca
Low Marie Science Student marieKXL@gmail.com
Low Megan English Lit Student megan.k.low@gmail.com
Lowe Alan 604-822-3414 Dentistry Faculty alowe@interchange.ubc.ca
Lu Luke Staff luke.lu@ubc.ca
Lu Stefani 604-827-3465 Campus + Community Planning Staff stefani.lu@ubc.ca
Luca Claudia Student claudia.i.luca@outlook.com
Lucero Elisha Residence Life Student eli311.lucero@gmail.com
Luddu Jastej Student jastej_luddu@hotmail.com
Ludlow Joanna 604-827-3610 Student Development & Careers Staff joanna.ludlow@ubc.ca
Lum Amber Student amberlum13@gmail.com
Lush Alex Engineering Student alexnlush@gmail.com
Lyon Annabel 604-822-3023 Creative Writing Faculty annabel.lyon@ubc.ca
Lyon Katherine Sociology Student katherine.lyon@live.ca
MacDonald Angela 604-877-5788 Language and Literacy Education Staff angela.macdonald@ubc.ca
MacFarlane Theresa 604-822-9946 Classroom Services Staff theresamacfarlane@yahoo.ca
Mackenzie Anna Student am131@live.ca
MacKenzie Davin Place Vanier Student mackenzie.davin@gmail.com
MacMillan Sarah 604-827-5174 Undergraduate Admissions Staff sarah.macmillan@ubc.ca
MacRae Cassie Neuroscience and CFIS Student cassie.macrae@gmail.com
Magharius Sally Arts/Safewalk Student sally_magharius@hotmail.com
Mah Stephanie Electrical Engineering Student svmah@hotmail.com
Mahal Kiran AMS Student kiran.mahal1@gmail.com
Maher Chelsey 604-822-9176 Computer Science Staff cmaher@cs.ubc.ca
Mahovlich Mimi EDST Student mmahavolich@vsb.bc.ca
Mai Hung 604-827-0117 Enrolment Services Staff hung.mai@ubc.ca
Maier Harry 604-822-9461 Vancouver School of Theology Faculty hmaier@vst.edu
Maillard Keith 604-822-4596 Creative Writing Faculty maillard@mail.ubc.ca
Makortoff Mischa 604-822-8866 Classroom Services Staff mischa.makortoff@ubc.ca
Mallon Chris 604-822-1678 UBC Learning Exchange Staff chris.mallon@ubc.ca
Manley Mallory 604-827-4806 Arts Advising Staff mallory.manley@ubc.ca
Manyari Laura 604-822-4702 International Student Initiative Staff laura.manyari@ubc.ca
Markin Courtney Education and Physics Student courtney_m45@hotmail.com
Marsh Lindsay 604-822-1672 Liu Institute for Global Issues Staff lindsay.marsh@ubc.ca
Marshall Hallie Theatre and Film Faculty hallie.marshall@ubc.ca
Marshall Lois 604-807-8545 Library Staff lois.marshall@ubc.ca
Martin Missy Student missymartin94@gmail.com
Matos Paulo 604-822-3811 Counselling Psychology Staff paulo.matos@ubc.ca
Maia Rafael Arts Student rtpcmai@hotmail.com
Maleki Ava Student avamaleki2826@gmail.com
Malone Jeanie Engineering Student jeanie.malone@gmail.com
Marshall C.W. (Toph) 604-822-4048 Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies Faculty toph@interchange.ubc.ca
Marshall Diana 604-822-2784 Communications Services Staff diana.marshall@ubc.ca
Martin Greg 604-822-4371 Math Faculty greg@math.ubc.ca
Martin Tara 604-822-3249 Psychology Staff taramm@psych.ubc.ca
Martinez Julieta Computer Science Student julm@cs.ubc.ca
Marzotto Kelsey Land and Food Systems Student kelseymarzotto@gmail.com
Maslovat Ellexis Provost and Vice President Academic Faculty researchassoc.sradvisor@ubc.ca
Massie Miranda 604-827-3047 Health Promotion Programs Staff miranda.massie@ubc.ca
Matteson Zachary Creative Writing Student zachmatt14@gmail.com
May Curtis Kinesiology Student c-may@shaw.ca
Mayanloo Fatemeh Student fmayanloo727@gmail.com
McAndless-Davis Luke Residence Life Student/Staff lukemcdavis@gmail.com
McConchie Kathleen Law Student katie.mcconchie@gmail.com
McCullough Lucy Counselling Services Student lucymccu@interchange.ubc.ca
McDonagh Sarah 604-827-1736 Human Resources Staff sarah.mcdonagh@ubc.ca
McDonald Nicole 604-822-9836 Enrolment Services Staff nicole.mcdonald@ubc.ca
McElroy Jeremy AMS Student mcelroy.jeremy@gmail.com
McEwen Heather Medicine Student hjamcewen@gmail.com
McGhee Mike 604-827-3590 Student Financial Assistance & Awards Staff michael.mcghee@ubc.ca
McGrenere Joanna 604-827-5201 Computer Science Faculty joanna@cs.ubc.ca
McHugh Duncan Faculty of Land and Food Systems Staff duncan.mchugh@ubc.ca
McNamara Rita Psychology Student/Staff ramcnama@psyc.ubc.ca
McLeod Denise 250-960-5518 Office of Student Affairs-UBCO Faculty mcleodd@unbc.ca
McLeod Gillian 604-822-9427 Vancouver School of Theology: Library Director Faculty gmcleod@vst.edu
Mcloughlin Debbie 604-822-2075 Human Resources Staff debbie.mcloughlin@ubc.ca
Mee Janet 604-822-8950 Access & Diversity Staff janet.mee@ubc.ca
Meek Madeleine Centre for Community Engaged Learning Staff madeleine.meek@gmail.com
Mehes Lau 604-822-8298 Access & Diversity Staff sa.awareness@ubc.ca
Mei Cindy Pride UBC Student scoutercindy@gmail.com
Meister Lizzi Residence Life Student lzmeister18@gmail.com
Melhem Adam AMS Student adam.melhem@gmail.com
Mendonca Kirsten Student/Staff kirsten.mendonca@gmail.com
Mensah Harry Student chillegh@yahoo.com
Mesina Cherry 604-822-8852 Undergraduate Admissions Staff cherry.mesina@ubc.ca
Mesher Kerri Vancouver School of Theology Student revkerri@yahoo.com
Metcalfe Amy 604 822-5331 Educational Studies Faculty amy.metcalfe@ubc.ca
Meyer Birga History Student birga@interchange.ubc.ca
Michaels Koby Student kobymichaels@gmail.com
Midttun Serena Student sm_chicka@hotmail.com
Mihalatos Stephanie 604-822-0696 Athletics Staff steph.mihalatos@ubc.ca
Mikkelsen Kaila 604-822-6350 Law – Student Academic Services Staff mikkelsen@law.ubc.ca
Miles Amy Housing & Conferences Student amyemiles@gmail.com
Miles Amy Housing & Conferences Student amyemiles@gmail.com
Milla-Moreno Estefania Frest and Conservation Sciences Student e.milla@forestry.ubc.ca
Miller Lorrie Teacher Education Faculty lorrie.miller@ubc.ca
Mills Lauri Counselling Services Student laurimills@gmail.com
Mills Julia History Student j.mills3@hotmail.com
Milne Emily Residence Life Student/Staff emilyjmilne@gmail.com
Mircic Margaret Student margaretmircic@hotmail.com
Miresmailli Saber 604-827-2511 CTLT Staff saber.miresmailli@ubc.ca
Mirza Bushra 604-822-9686 Enrolment Services Staff bushra.mirza@ubc.ca
Mitchell Beaner Music Student beaner.mitchell@gmail.com
Mitchell Julie 604-827-4307 UBC Library Faculty julie.mitchell@ubc.ca
Mitchell Stephen 604-822-4591 Forestry Faculty stephen.mitchell@ubc.ca
Mitchell Wally 604-822-4751 Sauder School of Business Staff wally.mitchell@sauder.ubc.ca
Mladenovic Stefan 604-822-4944 SPPH Staff stefan.mladenovic@ubc.ca
Moghaddam Payam Speakeasy Student pmoghaddam@gmail.com
Molstad Kirsten 604-827-3566 International Student Initiative Staff kirsten.molstad@ubc.ca
Monteith Kaison Student kcmonteith@hotmail.com
Montes Demi Student d.montes9611@gmail.com
Montgomery James Mechanical Engineering Student montgomery.ubc@gmail.com
Mooney Margrith School of Library, Archival and Information Studies Student margrith@alumni.ubc.ca
Moore Derek Student derekmoore@shaw.ca
Moore Magdalena 604-827-4392 Arts Advising Staff magdalena.moore@ubc.ca
Moseley Nance 604-822-1017 Conference & Accomodations Staff nance.moseley@ubc.ca
Mottahed Anisa 604-827-5160 AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre Staff sasc@ams.ubc.ca
Mou Desiree 604-822-9696 Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology Staff desiree.mou@ubc.ca
Moynihan Melissa School of Nursing Student m.moynihan@alumni.ubc.ca
Mulherin Kate Law Student katemulherin@gmail.com
Muñoz Carola 604-822-5358 School of Population and Public Health Staff carola.munoz@ubc.ca
Munro Daniel AMS Student munro202@live.com
Munzner Tamara 604-827-5200 Computer Science Faculty tmm@cs.ubc.ca
Murch Spencer Psychology Student spencer@psych.ubc.ca
Mutsonziwa Tinashe Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Student tinashemutsonziwa@gmail.com
Myers Emily 604-827-0337 UBC Vantage College Staff emily.myers@ubc.ca
Nagy Nick Speakeasy Student nickjanonagy@hotmail.com
Nahd Suud Student Housing & Hospitality Services Student suud.nahdi@gmail.com
Nakahori Anna 604-822-1446 Counselling Services Student anna.nakahori@gmail.com
Nelson Kyle 604-822-1446 LFSI/UBC CCEL Staff kyle.nelson@ubc.ca
Nichele Zoe Student zoenichele@hotmail.com
Nitsan Tal Anthropology/Sociology Faculty tal.nitsan@ubc.ca
Ng Ashley Student ashleyyinlumng@gmail.com
Ng Ashley Counselling Services Student/Staff a.ng.counselling@ubc.ca
Nguyen Lan Student nhat_lan95@yahoo.ca
Noriega Hugo CITR Student Executive Staff hugo.noriega@gmail.com
Northrup Courtney Student courtneydnorthrup@gmail.com
Northway Cassidy Engineering Staff cassidy@geeringup.ca
O’Brien Dan 604-822-8861 Communications Services Staff dan.obrien@ubc.ca
O’Connor Colleen 604-827-3550 Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies Staff oconcoll@mail.ubc.ca
O’Flynn Liam Science Student loflynn@outlook.com
O’Keefe Juliet 604-822-5750 Music Staff juliet.okeefe@ubc.ca
Olson Daniel Chemical Engineering Student daniel.m.m.olson@gmail.com
Omassi Jenna AMS Student vpacademic@ams.ubc.ca
O’Neill Brian 604-822-2460 Social Work & Family Studies Faculty bjoneill@interchange.ubc.ca
Ong Su Han Student suhan.ong@alumni.ubc.ca
Oon Debbie 604-822-8993 Go Global: International Learning Programs Staff debbie.oon@ubc.ca
Orpen Jennie 604-822-8776 Bookstore Staff jorpen@interchange.ubc.ca
Orvig Chris 604-822-4449 Chemistry Faculty orvig@chem.ubc.ca
Ostapovich Sheri 604-822-2720 Library Staff sheri.ostapovich@ubc.ca
Ousey Chelsea International Student Initiative & AMS Staff chelseaousey@gmail.com
Otto Sarah 604-822-2778 Zoology Faculty otto@zoology.ubc.ca
Outerbridge Howie 604-822-6473 Career Services Staff howie.outerbridge@ubc.ca
Overmars Danika Counselling Services Student danikao@gmail.com
Paget Gontran 604-827-2671 SHHS Staff gontran.paget@ubc.ca
Pajalic Marko 604-827-2606 UBC Sustainability Initiative Staff marko.pajalic@ubc.ca
Pakula Basia SPPH Student bpakula@interchange.ubc.ca
Paladi Olga 604-822-5440 ISI Staff olga.paladi@ubc.ca
Palichuk Susan 604-822-6648 Microbiology and Immunology Staff susanpal@interchange.ubc.ca
Palmer Natasha 604-827-5360 Applied Science Deans Office Staff
Paltin Judith 604-822-4080 English Faculty judith.paltin@ubc.ca
Pang Michelle 604-827-2116 School of Population and Public Health Staff michelle-pang@live.ca
Parhar Ravi Medicine Student ravi.parhar@gmail.com
Parizeau Cheyenne UBC Robson Square Staff cheyenne.parizeau@ubc.ca
Park Jack Engineering Student jack.jh.park@gmail.com
Park Kangsoon 604-822-1910 Government Relations Staff kangsoon.park@ubc.ca
Parker Marisa Art History Student mjcparker@hotmail.com
Parker Rebekah Mechanical Engineering Staff rebekah.parker@alumni.ubc.ca
Parnell Sherri 604-822-3303 Counselling Services Staff sherri.parnell@ubc.ca
Parr Nina 604-822-0803 Continuing Studies – Language Programs Staff nina.parr@ubc.ca
Parrilla Julia Santana Nursing Staff/Student julz452@gmail.com
Parson Matt AMS Student parsonmatthew@gmail.com
Patena Keith Student keithpatena@gmail.com
Patterson Melissa Post Office Student mpatterson0625@gmail.com
Patton Ian Theatre and Film Staff ian.patton@ubc.ca
Pau Angela 604-822-0121 Career Services Staff angela.pau@ubc.ca
Payne Chris 604.822.1419 International Student Initiative Staff chris.payne@ubc.ca
Pederson Joanna 604.822.0941 Kinesiology Staff joanna.pederson@ubc.ca
Pelai Ricardo Residence Life Student/Staff jricardo.pelai@alumni.ubc.ca
Penaflorida Patricia Student p_penaflorida@hotmail.com
Penhale Caroline School of Theology Staff cpenhale@votivecoaching.com
Pennell Matthew 604-827-0274 Zoology Faculty pennell@zoology.ubc.ca
Penner Jay 604-827-4565 Centre for Community Engaged Learning Staff jay.penner@ubc.ca
Perko Bonita 604-822-6077 Student Development Staff bonita.perko@ubc.ca
Perreault Amy 604-827-4268 Arts Advising/Aboriginal Student Affairs Staff pamy@exchange.ubc.ca
Perriccioli Ethan 604-822-6918 Faculty of Land & Food Systems Staff ethanp@mail.ubc.ca
Phan-Ba Michael Computer Science Student mikepb@cs.ubc.ca
Pharnicnyakul Chadis Speakeasy Student cpharnichyakul@gmail.com
Phelan Lauren 604-875-4111 x21088 Faculty of Medicine Staff lauren.phelan@ubc.ca
Pho Victoria Medicine Student victoriapho@gmail.com
Pickford Joanne 604-822-3971 AMS Staff adassist@ams.ubc.ca
Pickman Deb 604-822-2769 Theatre, Film and Creative Writing Staff pickman@interchange.ubc.ca
Piper Julianne 604-822-4890 Arts Advising Staff julianne.piper@ubc.ca
Poirier-Vasic Robin 604-822-6784 Forestry, Dean’s Office Staff robin.poirier-vasic@ubc.ca
Polak Emily Counselling Staff/Student empolak@gmail.com
Ponto Charlene 604-827-5131 Campus & Community Planning Staff charlene.ponto@ubc.ca
Poon Joyce 604-822-2500 Computer Science Staff poon@cs.ubc.ca
Pottinger Rachel 604-822-0436 Computer Science Faculty rap@cs.ubc.ca
Pouliot Rebecca 604-822-9836 Enrolment Services Staff rebecca.pouliot@ubc.ca
Preiss Jeffrey 604-827-3896 Campus + Community Planning Staff jeffrey.preiss@ubc.ca
Price Scottford 604-822-9836 Enrolment Services Staff scottford.price@ubc.ca
Przedpelska Sarah Geography Student sarah.przedpelska@geog.ubc.ca
Quinlan Cameron Math/Computer Science Student cameron.quinlan@gmail.com
Ralphs Kate Social Work Student kralphs@live.ca
Ramis TamilSelvan Psychology Student selvan5253@yahoo.com
Ramsay Mary 604-822-4848 Dentistry Staff meramsay@dentistry.ubc.ca
Ramtahal-Teerie Taramatte Speakeasy Student tteerie@yahoo.com
Ratner Pam 604-822-7427 Nursing Faculty pam.ratner@ubc.ca
Reckermann Julia Student jreckermann@gmail.com
Redekop Julia Computer Science Staff sredekop@cs.ubc.ca
Rawes Kimberley 604-822-9301 Career Services Staff kimberley.rawes@ubc.ca
Rawn Catherine 604-822-2513 Psychology Faculty cdrawn@psych.ubc.ca
Redman Lauren Aboriginal Student Affairs Student lredman@interchange.ubc.ca
Reifsteck Susan Women’s and Gender Studies Student sreifsteck@gmail.com
Repta Robin 604-822-5057 Nursing Staff robin.repta@nursing.ubc.ca
Reynolds Andrea 604-822-0830 Arts/Intl Relations Major program Staff andrea.reynolds@ubc.ca
Riegert Elizabeth A Music Student elizabethashley@live.ca
Ringheim Breanne 604-822-8334 Go Global Staff breanne.ringheim@ubc.ca
Ritchie Julian Engineering Student julian@telus.net
Robert Renee 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Staff rrobert@exchange.ubc.ca
Robertsa Jannel Engineering Student jannel_r@hotmail.com
Robertson Anne Zoology Student annaro@zoology.ubc.ca
Robertson Joshua 604-822-9836 Enrolment Services Staff joshua.robertson@gmail.com
Robinson Krista 604-827-5360 Human Resources Staff krista.robinson@ubc.ca
Rocha Dais School of Population and Public Health Staff daisrocha@yahoo.com.br
Rogers Theresa 604-822-0901 Language & Lituracy Education Faculty theresa.rogers@ubc.ca
Rollins Tracey 604-822-9196 Student Development Staff tracey.rollins@ubc.ca
Rolston Karen 604-822-1435 Continuing Studies Faculty karen.rolston@ubc.ca
Ronan Nicole 604-822-0962 Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology Staff nicole.ronan@ubc.ca
Root Janine 604-822-2584 Law Staff janine.root@ubc.ca
Rosato Alves da Silva Rodrigo Education Student rodrigorosato@icloud.com
Rose Lewis Sophie Forestry Student sophie.r.lewis@gmail.com
Rosell Ryan Student rybread321@yahoo.com
Rosseel Trish 604-822-8667 UBC Library Faculty trish.rosseel@ubc.ca
Rozworska Karolina Education and Counselling Student karolina.ips@wp.pl
Rosychuk Nicole Speakeasy Student nicole_marie_rosychuk@comcast.net
Ross Garrett Physics/Math Student garrettross359@gmail.com
Rowe CJ 604-822-2415 Access & Diversity Staff cj.rowe@ubc.ca
Rueckert Caroline 604-822-5274 International Student Development Staff caroline.rueckert@ubc.ca
Ruiter Erika Psychology Student erika@ruiter.ca
Russell Anna Nursing Student russell.anna.k@gmail.com
Russell Chris Science Student crussell93@hotmail.com
Russell Emmet 604-822-5200 Campus Security Staff emmet.russell@ubc.ca
Russell Kaitlin History Student/TA russell.kaitlin@gmail.com
Russell Samantha Gender and Women Studies ⁄ Creative Writing Student samruss44@gmail.com
Rutgers Andrew Electrical Engineering Student andrewr@ece.ubc.ca
Sabharwal Vanita 604-827-5094 Counselling Services Staff vanita.sabharwal@ubc.ca
Saffer Boaz Y./td> Psychology Student boazsaffer@hotmail.com
Salazar Lucia 604-827-4143 Enrollment Services Staff lucia.salazar@ubc.ca
Salja Ema Student ema.salja@gmail.com
Salloum Sharon Faculty of Medicine Faculty sharon.salloum@ubc.ca
Samant Nishigandha Student nishi2306@gmail.com
Sanders Trent Political Science Student trent599@hotmail.com
Sangha Ramun 778-908-4988 Catering and Conferences Staff ramunevm@gmail.com
Santana Parrilla Julia Student julz452@gmail.com
Sargent Michelle Student Communications Services Staff michelle.sargent@ubc.ca
Sasaki Shiho Speakeasy Student shihosasaki@hotmail.co.jp
Satoshi Iura AMS Ombuds Office Student satoshi.iura@ubc.ca
Savich Mallory Student savich@mail.ubc.ca
Schaecher Kelly Sauder MBA Office Staff kelly.schaecher@sauder.ubc.ca
Schmidt Mark 604-352-9189 Computer Science Faculty schmidtm@cs.ubc.ca
Scott Nina Civil Engineering Student freeyourinnerchild@hotmail.co.uk
Scott Whitney Speakeasy Student whitney217scott@hotmail.com
Sehra Parveen Speakeasy Student parveen_sehra@hotmail.com
Seifi Hasti Computer Science Staff seifi@cs.ubc.ca
Selander Laura 604-822-9882 Computer Science Staff selander@cs.ubc.ca
Senay Drew 604-827-0143 Enrolment Services Staff drew.senay@ubc.ca
Sertic Nick Engineering Student nick.sertic@gmail.com
Sethi Arjun Mechanical >Engineering Student arjunsethi337@gmail.com
Shah Jay AMS Services Department Student mr_jshah@hotmail.com
Shariff Aneesa 604-822-5427 Counselling Services Staff aneesa.shariff@ubc.ca
Shay Lauren Counselling Services Staff shay.laur@gmail.com
Shayanfar Melody Student melody.shayanfar@alumni.ubc.ca
Shen Mary Student mary12345S@hotmail.com
Shekarlas Maysa Student maysashekarlas@gmail.com
Shepansky Claire Student
Shepard Sandra 604-822-0533 St. John’s College Staff sandra.shepard@ubc.ca
Sherwood Matthew Enrolment Services Student mattjamish@gmail.com
Slater Blair 604-827-4800 Arts Co-op Staff blair.slater@ubc.ca
Sidhu Armandeep Faculty of Science Student/Staff sdassist@science.ubc.ca
Sidhu Jaskiran Student jaskiransidhu13@gmail.com
Sim Briana 604-822-8947 Go Global Staff briana.sim@ubc.ca
Simpson Kathleen 604-369-4651 Student kathleen.simpson.e@gmail.com
Simpson Stacey 604-822-3656 Faculty of Science Staff simpson@science.ubc.ca
Singh Tanjot AMS Student/Staff tanjotkaursingh@gmail.com
Sinclair Brett AMS Student brettcki@gmail.com
Siu Sarena Speakeasy Student sarenasiu@hotmail.com
Skipper Chris 604-822-1940 Plant Operations – Facilities Management Staff chris.skipper@ubc.ca
Skolsky Emily Student emilyskolsky@hotmail.com
Slobin Madison Arts Student madison.slobin@gmail.com
Smith Blair Residence Life Student/Staff smith.blair65@gmail.com
Smith Cail Student cail.smith@alumni.ubc.ca
Smith Katarina Student katarina.smith96@gmail.com
Smith Michael 604-827-9706 Creative Studies – UBCO Faculty michael.v.smith@ubc.ca
Smith Shawna Speakeasy Student svs_smith@hotmail.com
Somers Emily Aoife 604 822-4079 English Faculty emily.somers@ubc.ca
Somers Shaina Applied Science Student shaina.somers@gmail.com
Speer Murray Vancouver School of Theology Student murray@ualberta.net
Spencer Lindsay CITR Student Executive Student spencerjlindsay@gmail.com
Spurgeon Yoshimi 604-822-1585 English Language Institute Student yoshimi.spurgeon@ubc.ca
Sproul Larry 604-827-5556 College for Interdisciplinary Studies Staff larry.sproul@ubc.ca
Srivastava Diane 604-822-1350 Zoology Faculty srivast@zoology.ubc.ca
Stalkie Robyn SHHS Staff robyn.stalkie@ubc.ca
Stagg Kathryn 604-827-1978 Human Resources Staff kathryn.stagg@ubc.ca
Starr Jaedyn Economics Student jaedyn.starr@gmail.com
Stauffer Hayley Political Science Student hayley123@shaw.ca
Stein Ashley Human Resources Staff ashley.stein@ubc.ca
Sterling Shannon 604-822-0136 Student Development Staff shannon.sterling@ubc.ca
Stevens Emilie Medicine Student emilie@interchange.ubc.ca
Stevenson Elizabeth Library – David Lam Staff elizabeth.stevenson@ubc.ca
Stewart Amy 604-827-3200 Student Housing & Hospitality Services Staff amy.stewart@ubc.ca
Stewart Sonia Student Housing & Hospitality Services Student soniastewart22@gmail.com
Stewart Stephanie Speakeasy Student sjs8907@gmail.com
Stogryn Ross Educational & Counselling Psychology Student rossstogryn@gmail.com
Stout Chelsea 604-875-4111 x66091 MD Undergraduate Education Staff chelsea.stout@vch.ca
Strubbe Linda 604-822-5527 Physics & Astronomy Postdoc linda@phas.ubc.ca
Sudernamn Stefanie Student stefaniecsuderman@yahoo.ca
Sudhakar Nayantara (Nonie) Residence Student nonie.sudhakar@gmail.com
Suehn Megan ECPS Student megan.suehn@gmail.com
Sullivan Rachael Sociology Student tbaystudy@gmail.com
Suto Melinda 604-822-7395 Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy Faculty melinda.suto@ubc.ca
Swain Zavi Access and Diversity Student fzswain@gmail.com
Swennen Dominique 604-347-3904 AMS Nest Staff dominiqueswennen@ams.ubc.ca
Swenson Daniel Sociology Student dswenson@gmail.com
Swinburnson Ethan Engineering Student ethanswin@gmail.com
Syrnyk Jennifer 604.822.0039 UBC Engineering Co-op Staff jennifer.syrnyk@ubc.ca
Tabeshi Ryza Counselling Services Student ryzatabeshi@yahoo.com
Tabrizi Salimeh Counselling Psychology Student salimeh.tabrizi@gmail.com
Takhar Nisha Residence Student ntakhar12@hotmail.com
Talebzadeh Tania Residence Student tania.taleb@hotmail.com
Tait Patricia Nursing Staff patricia.tait@ubc.ca
Tay Janice Speakeasy Student jantay@interchange.ubc.ca
Taylor Malindi Student malinditaylor@gmail.com
Thebege Emilie Science Student ethebege94@gmail.com
Thiessen Kathryn 604-822-0319 Student Recruitment & Advising Staff kathryn.thiessen@ubc.ca
Thiessen Mandy 604-827-0119 Enrolment Services Staff mandy.thiessen@ubc.ca
Thomas Eva Access & Diversity Staff eva.thomas.ubc.ca
Thompson Carmen 604-822-3811 Counselling Services Staff clthompson@ucalgary.ca
Thompson Colleen Counselling Services Practicum Student colleen.thompson@ubc.ca
Thompson Peggy Creative Writing Program Faculty peggyt@mail.ubc.ca
Thomson Kimberly School of Population and Public Health Student kimberly.thomson@ubc.ca
Thors Kalenne 604-827-4749 Sauder School of Business Staff kalenne.thors@sauder.ubc.ca
Thurmeier Coby 604-827-3611 Records & Registration Staff coby.thurmeier@ubc.ca
Timm Maria CNPS Education Student mariavancouver@hotmail.com
Timmerman Nora Educational Studies Student norat@alumni.ubc.ca
Tladi Candy Arts Student d.tladi8@gmail.com
Toma Anca Science Student ankietoma@yahoo.ca
Torrijos Abigail 604-822-5418 Population Data BC Staff atorrijos@popdata.bc.ca
Tran Holly 604-827-2737 AMS Staff hollytran@ams.ubc.ca
Tran Jannice Student jannice_tran@hotmail.com
Tran Thu (Rosie) Student rt.thutran@gmail.com
T-Rizi Camelia Political Science Student ctoghiani@gmail.com
Tsang Vicki Student vickit925@gmail.com
Tsukada Hanae 604.827.4838 Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology Staff hanae.tsukada@ubc.ca
Tuele Andrea 604-822-3281 Art History, Visual Art and Theory Staff andrea.tuele@ubc.ca
Turnbull Heather 604-822-1943 UBC-Community Learning Initiative Staff heather.turnbull@ubc.ca
Tuytel John Engineering Student john.tuytel@gmail.com
Tudhope Robert 604-827-3580 Arts Academic Advising Services Staff rtudhope@exchange.ubc.ca
Tyler Cheryl 604-822-9836 Enrolment Services Staff cheryl.tyler@ubc.ca
Uganec Zackary Wyatt Student Housing & Hospitality Services Student-Staff zacku8@gmail.com
Ursino Joanne M. Education Student
Valentine Krystal Arts Student krystalvalentine@hotmail.com
Van Bruggen Susan Vancouver General Hospital Staff susan.vanbruggen@vch.ca
Van Enckevort Jenny 604.822.5615 Faculty of Education Staff jenny.ve@ubc.ca
Van Willigenburg Steph Math Faculty steph@math@ubc.ca
Vaz Dominique Psychology Student frosty-rain@hotmail.com
Verngard Emma Charlotte Solheim Political Science and GRSJ Student emmacharlotte.verngard@alumni.ubc.ca
Verrett Jonathan 604-827-5685 Chemical and Biological Engineering Faculty jonathan.verrett@ubc.ca
Versteeg Amanda 604-827-4524 Staff amanda.versteeg@ubc.ca
Vetsch Janis Residence Life Student vetschjanis@gmail.com
Victor Sarah Psychology Student sarahevictor@gmail.com
Villamayor Anica Science Student anica_villamayor@yahoo.com
Villegas Patricia Student triciavillegas@gmail.com
Vishwa Preetasha 604-827-1207 AMS Staff preetashavishwa@ams.ubc.ca
Vine Olivia Arts Student oliviahopemann@gmail.com
Viner Shani Speakeasy Student shani.viner@gmail.com
Vishwa Preetasha 604-822-1207 AMS Staff preetashavishwa@ams.ubc.ca
Voltchok Diana Speakeasy Student diana.volt@gmail.com
Vondracek Marie French Student marievondracek@gmail.com
Vozel Amy 604-822-8579 APSC – Engineering Staff amy.vozel@ubc.ca
Wachmann Tracy 604-822-0112 Faculty of Law Staff wachmann@law.ubc.ca
Walchli Julie 604-827-5194 Arts Co-Op Program Staff julie.walchli@ubc.ca
Wallace Melanie 604-822-9583 Vancouver School of Theology Staff shmellowyellow@hotmail.com
Wallin Jessica Jessica.wallin@ubc.ca Staff jessica.wallin@ubc.ca
Walter Pierre 604-822-9231 Educational Studies Faculty pierre.walter@ubc.ca
Wang Bo Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Student angelo_wang@outlook.com
Wang Cathy cathy.wang2050@gmail.com
Wang Cecilia GRSJ Student cecxixi@gmail.com
Wang Fiona Student fiona.wang@alumni.ubc.ca
Wang Grace 604-822-8766 Human Resources Staff grace.wang@ubc.ca
Wang Jason 604-822-5334 CITR 101.9 FM Staff sports@citr.ca
Wang Lilo (Wanyun) Residence Life Student lilowanyun@gmail.com
Wang Rui Jia (Rita) Geological Engineering Student r.wang@alumni.ubc.ca
Wang Skyler Guan UBC Student Housing & Hospitality Services Student wang.guan@gmail.com
Wanner Amanda Sociology Student amandathinks@gmail.com
Wanyenya Peter 604-827-4812 International Student Development Staff peter.wanyenya@ubc.ca
Ward Katherine Psychology Student katherine_ward05@yahoo.com
Warick Ruth 604-822-6233 Access & Diversity Staff ruth.warick@ubc.ca
Warje Anna Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Student awarje@gmail.com
Warwick Kyle AMS Student kylewarwick07@gmail.com
Washburn Cheryl 604-822-4317 Counselling Services Staff cheryl.washburn@ubc.ca
Watson Harper Student harperwatson2310@gmail.com
Watson Ryan Nursing Staff ryan.watson@ubc.ca
Wearing Eleanor Geography (Arts) Student eleanor.wearing@gmail.com
Weber Rachel 604-822-6382 Education (ECPS) Faculty rachel.weber@ubc.ca
Weins Clayton Sociology Student claytonweins@hotmail.com
Welsh Ashley UBC Vantage College Staff ashley.walsh@ubc.ca
Wenner Carly 604.822.1678 Centre for Community Engaged Learning Staff carly.wenner@ubc.ca
Werner John Computer Science Student john.flyingwhale@gmail.com
Wesman Jennifer 604-827-2199 International Student Development Staff jennifer.wesman@ubc.ca
White Houston 604-822-9087 Student Communications Services Staff houston.white@ubc.ca
White Kelly 604-822-4858 Wellness Centre Staff kelly.white@ubc.ca
White Nikki 604-822-1420 Technology, Media and Professional Programs Staff nikki.white@ubc.ca
Whittaker Cloe Faculty of Rehab Medicine Student cloewhittaker@gmail.com
Wicaksono Aulia Teyar Materials Engineering Student wicaksono.at@gmail.com
Wight Emily 604-822-9425 Classroom Services Staff emily.wight@ubc.ca
Wilkes Rima 604-822-6855 Sociology Faculty wilkesr@interchange.ubc.ca
Williams Elisabeth Vantage College Staff elisabeth.williams@ubc.ca
Williams Gregory History Student phighschool@gmail.com
Winter Brad Staff braddjwinter@gmail.com
Wolowic Jennifer School of Nursing Staff, and ISGP Student Staff and Student jwolowic@mail.ubc.ca
Wong Caroline AMS Student caroline.wong5@gmail.com
Wong Curtis (604) 764-2881 UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services Staff curtis.wong94@live.ca
Wong Dee Dee Student dee.dee.wng@gmail.com
Wong Gillian Housing & Conferences Student ggf.wong@gmail.com
Wong Karina 604-822-2812 Student Housing and Hospitality Services Staff karina.wong@ubc.ca
Wong Linzi Rezlife RA Student linziw702@gmail.com
Wong Natalie Student nataliewong@gmail.com
Wong Sheila Student Student sheilawong@shaw.ca
Woods Chiara 604-827-5052 Law Staff woods@law.ubc.ca
Wright Mitchell AMS Student mitchwright89@gmail.com
Wright Paisley Student Housing Student paisleywright@gmail.com
Wrinskelle Jessica 604.822.5237 Computer Science Staff jesw@mail.ubc.ca
Wunderlich Kelly Science Student wunderlich.kelly@gmail.com
Wurie Fatou Speakeasy Student fwurie05@gmail.com
Wyatt Emily 604-822-6077 Student Development Staff emily.wyatt@ubc.ca
Yablonovskaya Yana 604-827-5451 Undergraduate office, Sauder School of Business Staff yana.yablonovskaya@sauder.ubc.ca
Yan Howard Medicine Student akhaian@gmail.com
Yan Jimmy Student Housing Student yan.jry@gmail.com
Yang Joanna 604-872-5914 Equity and Inclusion Office Staff joanna.yang@ubc.ca
Yang Leigh Psychology Student leigh.yang@gmail.com
Yang Tianyuan Residence Life Student tianyuanyang@gmail.com
Yano Darleen Education Student darleen.a.yano@gmail.com
Yap Michael CSI & Careers Student sdarts.coop@ubc.ca
Yastrebov Ivan Student Housing and Hospitality Services (RezLife) Student yastrebovivan@gmail.com
Yates Dru LFS – Soil Science Student dru.e.yates@gmail.com
Yeager Elyse Math Faculty elyse@math.ubc.ca
Yee Shirley 875-4111 x61979 Faculty of Medicine Staff shirley.yee@ubc.ca
Yoon Ee-Seul Educational Studies Student eeseul@gmail.com
Yorgun Siobhan Law Student siobhan.yorgun@alumni.ubc.ca
You Helen Psychology Student xyou0714@gmail.com
Yu Joan 604-822-5910 Admin Office Staff joanyu@ams.ubc.ca
Yu Lina Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Staff lina.yu@ubc.ca
Yu Lu SPPH Student lucia.lu.yu@gmail.com
Yu Mimi 604-822-2663 Geography Staff mimi.yu@geog.ubc.ca
Yupangco Katrina Speakeasy Student iam@katronica.com
Zachs Carol 604-822-0313 Go Global Staff carol.zachs@ubc.ca
Zacker Alana Speakeasy Student alanazacher@hotmail.com
Zavalkoff Anne Educational Studies Faculty anne.zavalkoff@ubc.ca
Zeiberg Bobby-Joe Economics/Women’s Studies Student joezeiberg@gmail.com
Zen Lillienne Speakeasy Student lillienne@hotmail.com
Zhang Genia Residence Life Student/Staff genia.zhang@gmail.com
Zhu Ma Educational and Counselling Psychology Student sophiezhuma@gmail.com
Zimonja Marija 604-822-6417 Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Staff marija.zimonja@ubc.c
Zubiria Alejandra Biology Student aleja.zubiria@gmail.com
Zubiric Pablo Arts Student pablo.zubiric@gmail.com