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Programs and Services

Anti-Violence Ally Training
The AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) offers The Anti-Violence Ally Program: informs people about the facts about sexual assault, as well as getting more people involved in conversations about this issue. The opportunity aims to foster a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for all people.

CampOUT! is a four-day summer camp committed to creating an inspiring and welcoming space for queer, trans, and allied youth  between the ages of 14 and 21. CampOUT! is run in affiliation with UBC.

Equity Ambassadors (Peer Program)
The Equity Ambassadors are a diverse group of students, both undergraduate and graduate, working toward creating an inclusive learning and working environment at UBC.

Pride UBC
Pride UBC is an AMS resource group that offers educational and social services dealing with sexual and gender diversity at UBC. Pride UBC provides support to those who self identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, asexual, queer, questioning, intersex, those who do not identify and allies.
SUB Room 245C

Really? Campaign
The Really? campaign promotes intercultural understanding and respect for diversity on campus. This program will empower you to respond to sexism, racism, homophobia or other discriminatory comments or situations, helping you to become an active witness for the UBC community.

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Resource Offices

UBC Equity and Inclusion Office
Brock Hall, room 2306

Access and Diversity – Student Services
Access and Diversity works with the University to create an inclusive living and learning environment in which all students can thrive.
Brock Hall, room 1203  1874 East Mall
604.822.5844   Fax: 604.822.6655

Office of the Ombudsperson for Students
CK Choi Building
181-1855 West Mall
Vancouver,  BC  V6T 1Z2

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Grad Students

The Network: queer grad students
The Network provides a community and support network for queer graduate students and hosts regular social nights and meet-ups. They also aim to provide opportunities for academic and professional collaboration among graduate students interested in gender and sexuality studies.

Global Queer Research Group
The Global Queer Research Group connects scholars, activists, and community members around research and policy issues concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex communities. All are welcome.
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Health and Wellness

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Coming out

“Coming out” is a process of questioning, discovering, accepting, and affirming your gender identity or wherever you identify yourself on the sexual orientation spectrum.

Coming out to yourself or to others can be a challenging experience. You may be questioning whether to come out, or you may be experiencing difficulties as a result of coming out to yourself or others.

Make sure you recognize when you’re having difficulty coping, and consider seeking professional help. UBC offers confidential counselling services for UBC students.

The following online resources can help you through the process of coming out.

  • Qmunity GabYouth: Coming out Questions to consider when coming out
  • Human rights campaign: Resource guide to coming outGuide to help you through the coming out process in realistic and practical terms

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Transgender resources

The following resources can help you access resources and seek assistance if you identify as trans or gender-variant.

Changing your personal information

Name changes
There are several avenues available if you wish to change your personal information while at UBC. See Changing your Personal Information for details on how to complete these changes.

Gender designation change
Students can change their gender designation by meeting an Access & Diversity Advisor. The Advisor will then put in a formal request to Enrolment Services.

Confidential health services are available to students through Student Health Services. Students may also consider accessing transgender specific health services in the Vancouver area.

Currently only two gender designation options are available within the UBC Student Information System. Access and Diversity are exploring how to better accommodate students with non-binary gender identities within this database.

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Guide to gender inclusive washrooms

This guide provides a list of public access, single-stall, gender-inclusive washrooms at UBC’s Vancouver campus. If you require access to a single-stall gender-inclusive washroom and are unable to find one in your building or department please contact Access & Diversity for assistance.

The guide is based on information gathered in a 2006 audit by the Accessible Washrooms Working Group comprised of representatives from the Equity and Inclusion Office, Access & Diversity, Pride UBC, Land and Building Services, and the Access and Diversity Council. A special thanks to the 2013-14 UBC Equity Ambassadors for updating the guide.