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Positive Space Campaign workshops are held at UBC Okanagan and Vancouver campuses and are administered by the Equity & Inclusion Office. This educational session is a streamlined, fast paced, 2 hour interactive experience that explores the latest terminology and scenarios that will enhance your skills and competencies that will aid you in interrupting unwelcoming behaviours like homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism. The educational workshops are customizable to meet unique employee groups or department/unit needs (e.g. Human Resources, IT, Academic Advising, student organizations). Consider the Positive Space foundational workshop as an educational opportunity for your staff group or for yourself this Fall or Winter.

A Positive Space sticker is provided at the end of the workshop to any participant. Displaying the sticker indicates you will work to provide a welcoming and inclusive space, open to support of sexual and gender diversity.

What are the Responsibilities of displaying a Positive Space logo?

Anyone can display a Positive Space sticker in a visible place, preferably at the entrance to your work, study or living space or on laptops, water bottles and smartphones – Positive Space visibility on the go.

Raising the visibility of Positive Spaces matters

Since 2002, the UBC Positive Space Campaign has actively promoted awareness and visibility of  LGBT2SQIA+ students, staff and faculty and has worked through its membership to address the conditions of discrimination and harassment. Recent reports indicate UBC still has a ways to go in its work. The Positive Space campaign is but one tool to realize UBC commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion. Whether you are renewing your commitment or just joining the campaign, you are invited to take up the Positive Space campaign where ever you are on campus.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at or drop by the Equity & Inclusion Office to pick up additional Positive Space stickers.    

What Can You Do? Be a (pro) Active Bystander

If you: See/Hear Something, Say Something, Do Something.

Try the following:

  • Question homophobia, transphobic or heterosexist actions in your work, study or living spaces.
  • Be trustworthy and sensitive to the needs of sexual and gender minorities. It matters.The more you know about resources, the more prepared you will be to discuss them with others.
  • Know where to refer people who want more assistance.
  • Support and share information about Positive Space. The more UBC students, staff and faculty are involved, the more likely we can make difference to the climate on campus, and to individuals who don’t feel like they belong at UBC and or struggle in the academic environments.

What Can You Expect When You See a Positive Space logo?

People who enter your work, study or living space can anticipate a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Visibility Matters. You can make a personal contribution to improving the lives of many UBC students, staff and faculty, and improve the campus climate for sexual and gender diverse people.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to the Positive Space program and people at Queen’s University, the University of Toronto, and other universities and colleges who have taken up the Positive Space Campaign.